7 December 2020
Mank (2020)
Mank (2020)
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David Fincher – MANK

4 out of 5 stars

  • Audiovisuals (the work on the sound processing and all the framing choices)
  • Acting
  • The hidden actuality of the film: what does he want to say with the election trope? The “powerful” man it depicts, who does he reming us of?
  • The ethical position that it wants to elicit and the individual responsibilities.
  • Many people will lament the fact that the film seems to be made only for film fans or scholars. False! It’s made for whoever is interested to the fight and the compenetration between art and power which, ultimately, is human to the bone and existential .

Do we recommend it?


It is a film created with exceptional attention to detail and skills.
Lovers of classic films will recognize many typical elements of that cinema, but even those who may not be so interested in the “history of cinema” will be able to recognize the degree of modernity of David Fincher’s film. “Mank” in fact, speaks of art and power, of lies and truth, of allegory and realism, all following a precisely studied narrative and closely linked with the film which follows: “Citizen Kane”.


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