1 February 2024
DogMan (2023)
DogMan (2023)
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Luc Besson – DogMan (2023)

2.5 out of 5 stars


Film Quote DogMan

Do we recommend watching it?

If you love dogs, yes. If you want to see a good movie where everything more or less makes sense in the fictional world created…

A few words about the film.

“DogMan” by Luc Besson seems to explore the animal variant of the concept already present in his film “Lucy”, where it is suggested that humans only use a part of their brain. In this case, humanity seems to limit itself to using only a part of the brain… of dogs, considering what the protagonist manages to achieve with his four-legged companions!

In fact, I asked my little furry friend to write a review of this film and here’s what came out:

The film has its merits: Caleb Landry Jones’s performance (which might even be too much!) and that of the dogs; the close-ups on the dogs; Mickey the dog and… other dogs. But “DogMan” also essentially has a slew of flaws: the chain of events; the structure of the flashbacks; the depth of the characters; the huge demand for suspension of disbelief it requires; the abundance of dialogues that seem like they’re taken from Instagram posts of someone trying to appear as a life coach, a raw childhood rapper, or a philosopher with untapped abilities. Finally, the potential the film has is completely wasted due to a banal and overly simplistic script that doesn’t hold up at all.

I swear, I debated for a long time whether to give this film more stars or not – after all, there are so many dogs – and a part of me would have. However, the other part, the winning one, always and only emphasizes one realization: it’s not a good film.


“Should I watch it, then?”

Well, you now know what we think about it but if you are still unsure about it, take a look at the trailer to decide for yourself whether to watch it or not.

Now, nothing left to do here, you just have to go and watch it or if you already did and have something to say about this movie, feel free to leave a comment at the end of the page and say whatever you like about the film. On this site, we are always happy to host others’ opinions on cinema and why not, open a debate if you don’t agree with us on this.

Something else?

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