1 June 2016
Film Alphabet
Film Alphabet
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Our personal Film Alphabet that includes all the films we’ve watched, loved and maybe hated, rated from 1 to 10. All in one place.

The world is full of Top 10s: the Top 10 of the scariest films; the Top 10 of the romantic films or of this director and of this Country. We thought – “well, why don’t we do a potentially infinite list and constantly update it?”. Yeah, why not?

Here’s the list of the films we’ve watched (well, sort of, some might’ve slipped away from our memory). They are rated with a simple system (with stars! what else?) which runs from 1 to 5 and that intends to just display the grade of enjoyment we’ve had watching it.

We really hope you enjoy this page and that you agree with all our choices. Well, if not all, how about most of them?
Actually, we would be even happier if you don’t agree with us and would contact us writing a comment. Our goal in this Labyrinth project is to talk about cinema and we’re more than happy to have conversations about a film or another and who knows, maybe you’ll change our opinion about it!

Some of these films have a dedicated page on this website with a brief review. Click here to have a look at them.

Or if you’re after a more-in-depth look at some films and/or filmmaking techniques, please have a look at our Film Analysis page.

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