7 July 2016
Marco Venditti on Segnocinema
Marco Venditti on Segnocinema
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The little satisfactions of life: we’re on Segnocinema!

Do you guys know Segnocinema? It’s one of the most important cinema-related magazines. I’ve stumbled across it a few years ago and it didn’t take long before I was a subscriber.

For years, I’ve waited for the “next issue” to get in my mail. I would sit down with it in my hands and read everything, all the lines, all the commas, all in one day and in just one breathe. I’ve read about my favourite directors and I’ve met new ones: it’s always been a source of constant inspiration.
Sometimes I would agree so much with the opinions on the magazine that I felt less lonely, some other times I simply wouldn’t agree – but, still, it was food for thoughts. Surely, it’s always been able to move me and turn on that fire and love for Cinema.
One day, just for case, I’ve decided to send an extract from one of the researches I was doing…and…

The “next issue” is here, and this time, I am not just a reader!

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