2016 | Per qualche nota di sapore
2016 | Per qualche nota di sapore
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“Spero che nessuno veda nulla o sarò costretto a fingere…”

Title: Per qualche nota di sapore (tr. For some notes of flavour)

Year: 2016
Length: 43′

Role: Director/ Producer/ Screenwriter/ Editor/ Colour Grader/ Sound Mixer/ VFX

Synopsis: Paolo is a young musician who wants to live and work with his music. His passion though is affecting his life: he must work and create even when he’s not inspired to do so (what is the inspiration after all?). We find him working on a new record, but the investors are not that happy about his work. The life-work-art circuit is quite complex and Paolo, psychologically damaged, is at a point of no return. This inevitably leads him to a clash with the life: he’s just searching for some notes of flavour for his life. What price will he have to pay? And what the result?

Distribution: “Per qualche nota di sapore” was presented on some international festivals and it was chosen as finalist in the L.A. based IndustryBoost Competition.

DoP: Luigi Mangia
: Mauro Tiberi, Gloria Mariani, Emiliano De Magistris, Filippo Barbato, Angelo Tavella, Paolino Di Biasio
Music: Lee Rosevere, Mscaras, VYVCH, Cherly KaCherly, Doctor Turtle, Sergey Cheremisinov, Will Bangs, Kosta T, Alex Fitch
Crew: Walter Quarto, Mia Castagnino, Paolino Di Biasio, Andrea Petrelli

Technicals: 1:78/ Colour / Shot on a Canon EOS 60D/ Italian/ English Subtitles.
Filming Location: Roma, Italy.



The entire film is available on YOUTUBE, but please if you like it or simply want to help – we’re an independent production company – you can buy it HERE.

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