2014 | L’età dell’incertezza
2014 | L’età dell’incertezza
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“Si. Questa volta lo so. Uscire fuori, cambiare.”

Title: L’età dell’incertezza (tr. Age of uncertainty)

Year: 2014
Length: 17′

Role: Director/ Producer/ Screenwriter/ Editor/ Colour Grader/ Sound Mixer

Synopsis: A man runs back to his home: he feels chased and the noise coming from outside is digging a hole in his brain and the feeling of paranoia has taken over. He decides to live and hide within the walls of his apartment and of his mind. He’s locked in and organizes a solitary life that leads him to a complete stagnation from which he can’t seem to be able to move anymore.
The outside is still trying to reach him and the social life to capture him: he knows well that a man can’t live on his own for his entire life. What should he do? Go beyond the curtain and enter the scene o stay outside of it all destined for sterility. He must take control back, facing his own roots and take a decision that will change his life forever. He lives the age of uncertainty, that place, that time that we all lived when facing an important choice: go out and change or let ourselves be won by the immobility and the quietness?

Production notes: “L’età dell’incertezza” was presented on some international festival and was a finalist at the “Cartabianca” festival in Rome.

DoP: Luigi Mangia
: Mauro Tiberi, Veronica Marra, Michele Cacciotti, Angela Silter
Music: Francesco Giangrande
Crew: Andrea Petrelli, Flavio Scuotto, Walter Quarto, Samira Mangione Oppo, Federica Marra, Angela Silter, Fabio Langella, Banadraw

Technicals: 1:78/ Colour / Shot on a Canon EOS 60D/ Italian/ English Subtitles.
Filming Location: Roma, Italy.

The film is available on youtube, but please if you like it or simply want to help – we’re an independent production company – you can buy it here

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