2019 | Julia – The Series
2019 | Julia – The Series
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“Julia! You stay, you’re family, remember?”

Title: Julia – The Series

Year: 2019
Length: 5 episodes x ca 12′ each

Role: Director (x 4 ep.)/ Editor (x 5 ep.)/ Writer (final ep.)

Synopsis: Luca finds a wallet outside a club. It belongs to a girl named Julia and he decides he wants to give it back to her. Sounds easy right? It’s not gonna be.

Distribution: Julia The Series was presented on some international festivals. It also received 3 nominations at the UKOWF for the following categories: best director, best web-series, best actress in a leading role. It won the award for best web-series.

DoP: Luigi Mangia

Filming Location: London, UK.

To watch all the episodes, scroll down:

Please, watch it in 1080p and not in 4k, as this was a mistake in the way the files were uploaded onto YouTube made by whoever uploaded it.

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