2016 | Flanagan’s swing
2016 | Flanagan’s swing
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“Then you rave, you even crave
To see hem laying in his grave;
So if your man is nice
Take my advice
And hug him in the morning
Kiss him every night,
Give him plenty lovin’, treat him right
For a good man nowadays is hard to find.”

Year: 2016
Length: 3′

Our role: Director, Operator, Editor, Colour Grader, Sound Mixer.

Production notes: Labyrinth Production participates to the creation of this ad produced by Admira. The aim was to create an audiovisual piece that would showcase the Swing as dance and promote the event event held on May 2016 in Napoli, Italy.

Swing Night

Pubblicato da Flanagan's su Lunedì 16 maggio 2016

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