11 June 2021
Rose Island (2020)
Rose Island (2020)
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Sydney Sibilia – Rose Island

3 out of 5 stars

  • Elio Germano is as good as ever, even dealing with a different accent.
  • The theme of vision vs bureaucracy.
  • The tone kept relatively light.
  • The dialogues, especially those that would like to be funny, are a bit uninspiring and without bite (an example above all is the recurring jokes about Calabrians – the irony that would like to show stereotypes and unmask them ends up becoming repetitive and a bit off).
  • Although the production work was interesting (see the construction of the island as reference) some moments of the staging are a bit sketchy.
  • CGIs, particularly at the time of the storm, reveal many problems.

Do we recommend it?

A nice and enjoyable film, so yes, we do, if you are in the right mood and looking for some clever lightness.

Few words on the film.

Sydney Sibilia’s Rose Island is a film that, although not showing ambitious aesthetic thrusts, runs smoothly and is pleasant. It deals with the construction of an artificial island outside of the Italian territorial waters in 1968, made by the Italian engineer Giorgio Rosa.

The central theme of the contrast between the freedom of inventiveness, creation, vision and a mummified form of bureaucracy is compelling and rendered with a comic game of parts which, hiding the obscurities of power, remains superficial, albeit pleasant. Everything, however, is structured around the most classic of narrative devices: the formation of a couple.

The film, which represents the story of the only military invasion carried out by the Italian Republic in history, from a purely visual point of view was produced and shot in a clean and, at times, interesting way, although in some moments the staging seems to have been heavily sketched.

All in all, Rose Island is a simple, linear film, creative in its productive ways, but which shows lights and shadows for a film, though, that is still pleasant to watch.

At the bottom of the page you will find the trailer to decide for yourself whether to watch it or not.

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