5 October 2021
Candyman (2021)
Candyman (2021)
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Nia DaCosta – Candyman

3 out of 5 stars

Film Quote

  • Film that avoids stale techniques like jump scares and easy genre-related staging options.
  • A certain argument on the social condition.
  • The audiovisual language is superficial: even if the film intends to attack the stereotypes of society, it then shields itself in an audiovisual language that is fully normal.

Do we recommend watching it?

This is definitely an atypical and clever horror movie, so yeah, we do.

Few words about the film.

Candyman approaches the Afro-American question in the USA from the right point of view: the narrative develops on a metaphorical arc (albeit repeatedly explained) that makes it an absolutely enjoyable film and that teases the mind of the viewer.

The indissoluble link between the “Say his name” that prompts the appearance of the Candyman and the “Say his name” which addresses the tragic story of George Floyd is fully successful and works perfectly. It is here, in fact, that the most interesting theme of the film can be found: the apparent “innocence” of those who, at the mirror, call the name of Candyman, which are also guilty, according to the film, of exploiting the image to make themselves participate in a movement in which they take part not to change the social situation, but only to appear part of something. It is a real blow to the image culture found on social media, to the lack of awareness of a part of the population that therefore appears, but does not participate to the full extent.

Where, on the other hand, the film is rather flat it is in the form: if it is true that the form is the content (and vice versa), the language of the film is too flattened on an aesthetic norm which, although well addressed (despite some errors and some Kubrickian derivative echoes), makes it precisely part of an aesthetic norm that “appears”, but also does not participate and does not inspire a change. This is perhaps the real stumble that makes the film pleasant, undoubtedly, but at the same time banal and definitely not that inspiring.

“Should I watch it, then?”

Well, you now know what we think about it but if you are still unsure about it, take a look at the trailer to decide for yourself whether to watch it or not.

Now, nothing left to do here, you just have to go and watch it or if you already did and have something to say about this movie, feel free to leave a comment at the end of the page and say whatever you like about the film. On this site, we are always happy to host others’ opinions on cinema and why not, open a debate if you don’t agree with us on this.

Something else?

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