Oh, Pinocchio. Collodi’s famous puppet is back

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Straight from the whale’s stomach (Hollywood?) we receive the news that Pinocchio (Carlo Collodi’s famous tale) is due to be back on the big screens as two different projects are now entering the delicate phase of production.


From the other side of the ocean, there are news coming over affirming that two different projects about the famous puppet Pinocchio (a tale written by Collodi) are about to enter the production status.
It looks like the direction for one of the two project was offered to Steven Spielberg, who declined as he found the dark nature of this treatment as closer to Guillermo Del Toro’s approach. For this reason he adviced the producers to try to attach him to this project.
Then, Guillermo Del Toro, finally decided to proceed with his idea to work on version of the tale very far from the Disney aesthetic approach back then. The perspective thought to be preferred for this production goes in a much darker way. Also, at this stage, it sounds likely that the project will be shot with the stop-motion technique.
This is not the first time Del Toro was attached or rumored to be about to direct a film about the puppet, but this time, it really seems we are on the good road.

If on a side we are going to get this dark version, Disney is not left speechless and without action. Indeed, they wiped out some dust from the archives and it seems they are back on the road to produce a new Pinocchio version. Their approach seems to be way more regular and at this stage we know that idea is to shoot it live-action. Attached as a director to this production is Sam Mendes (one film for all? American Beauty).
Buzz and rumors about this film are still in the early stage as we don’t get a lot of informations and we will have to wait more to know how this tale will end.
In the meanwhile, perhaps, we can go back in our archives and let our memories take the rest of our day.

A slow dive in the past, when we still were puppet made of wood, but if we look at the future, we can almost hear a noise: Geppetto is back on working piece of woods. Who knows if the magic will happen again!

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