Alex Garland (Ex Machina) is back with Annihilation

Giu 4, 2017     John Labyrinth   0 Comment     , , , , , ,     News_ENG

Alex Garland, director of one of the most interesting recent sci-fi film (Ex Machina) is back with Annihilation, his new work.


Alex Garland, autore of the critically acclaimed “Ex Machina” is back on the set. He’s been working for the last months for a project that sees the raise of high expectaions from spectators all around the world and critics.
“Annihilation” is based on the omonimous Jeff VanDerMeer’s novel.
The author of the book has been praising Garland’s work and after he saw an early cut of the film he teased the film talking about the surrealism of some sequencies and also the massive visual study that the film contains. It looks like the end of the film will differ a little from the book’s ending, but VanDerMeer, talking about it, has said that it reminded him of some of the best moments in that masterpiece called “2001: A Space Odissey.

Keeping in our minds that the protaginst was acted by Natalie Portman, we can do nothing else that queue down the line of the people waiting with high expectation this new work by Alex Garland.

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